Stuff you might need to know


Why is a large part of your electronic (digital) signature solution for free?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive free plan.

However, our plans with extra features are paid.

We help you with a free account and you help us find paying users. Simply by using SignRequest you spread the digital word of mouth. Or you can of course upgrade if you like the extra features as well!

Are electronic (digital) signatures legal?

Yes, an electronically signed document cannot be denied in court solely due to the fact that it is signed electronically.

In addition, both parties not only receive the signed document, but also a signing log with added value, such as: time stamps, email addresses, all changes made to the document and ip-addresses. Also, you will receive the hash codes of the documents. A hash code is a code that can be generated from a document. The code is unique for the document. This means that any changes made to the document after the signing process is closed can be detected by comparing the hash codes. A document cannot be changed without you knowing it's changed.

So, in short, your signed document will have more information and security than with the process of printing, signing and scanning or posting. For more detailed information about international laws regulating electronic signatures have a look here.

On which devices and browsers do SignRequest's electronic signatures work?

You can use SignRequest on all devices (phones, tables, laptops or desktops). On devices with Internet Explorer 8 or earlier the service might not work really smooth, but even Microsoft doesn't support these anymore. If you believe your signature doesn't look good enough we recommend using a mobile device to create your signature. If you log in to a mobile device the signature will be accessible on your other devices as well. (You might have to refresh the page.)

What are the financial benefits of electronic signatures?

The financial benefits of electronic signatures are different per type of organisation. We have created a calculation tool to help you determine these benefits.

Does the receiver of a SignRequest need an account to sign?

No, the receiver can just click on the link in the email and will be able to sign. There is no need to log in or install any software.

Privacy & Security

How does SignRequest protect my privacy?

Of course we value your privacy. We process personal data in compliance with the strict privacy and data protection laws of the EU. For more information have a look at our privacy policy.

Do you look at the files that are being sent?

No, we don't care what you send. We do expect that it conforms to our terms of use. Our employees do not have access to your files. We also do not accept any responsibility for files being sent through our services. For more information have a look at our privacy policy.

Is your service secure?

Yes. All documents and (embedded) signatures are 256 bit AES encrypted before stored on Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3). All communications with SignRequest use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypted endpoints. Our entire infrastructure is hosted on the highly available and robust architecture of AWS (Amazon Web Services) in Dublin. In the case that a European vendor is essential please contact us to discuss the options. For more information visit our security page.

Is my signature secure?

Yes. (See the question above for details.) However, in the highly unlikely event that SignRequest would "lose" some signatures it's really difficult to commit fraud with your signature alone. If you didn't place your signature the signature has no legal value. More proof is needed than just the signature, like the ip and email addresses. Also, consider that your signature can be copied from any document you have signed in the past and the signatures of many CEO's, celebrities and politicians can be freely found on the internet.

How can I use two factor authentication to log in to SignRequest?

To use two-factor authentication you can use your Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook or Salesforce account as a log in. In the account of your choosing you can set up the two-factor authentication. It's important though that the email address of your SignRequest account is the same as the account with which you choose to log in. Otherwise you will create a new SignRequest account with a different email address.

Accounts (Personal & Team)

How can I change my password?

If you forgot or want to change your password you can reset your password by clicking "Forgot password" during the log in process.

What does a personal account offer me?

You can easily register for a personal account with your email address and password or use your Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or Salesforce details. Make sure that the email address you want to use with SignRequest is the same as the one you use to log in.

A personal account offers you the option to store and manage your documents and signatures. It makes signing the next time even easier. You can track the status (opened, viewed or signed) of your documents and receive notifications. Please view all the plans and features here.

What is a team account?

To become a member of a team account you should first have a personal account. With a team account you have the option to add your company logo and primary colour. The logo and colour will replace the SignRequest branding during the entire signing process (from the emails sent till the placed signature).

In addition, you can invite team members to your team account. All documents sent from within the team account will be visible for all team members. Any documents sent from within your personal account are only visible for yourself. You can switch between your accounts by clicking in the main menu (upper-right corner).

To create a team account visit: Create Team.

What is the difference between a personal and a team account?

You have a personal account after you registered with your email address and password or when you log in with your Google, LinkedIn, Salesforce or Facebook account. You need a personal account to join or create a team account.

A team account has all the features of a personal account but also offers the option to add your company logo and colour. In addition, all team members have access to each other's documents. You can switch between your accounts by clicking in the main menu (upper-right corner). Please view all the plans and features here.

I don't want all documents to be visible by all team members. Is this possible?

To separate teams you can simply create extra accounts with (slightly) different names or added numbers. For example: and

How can I receive notifications about the status (opened, viewed, signed) of the documents?

You can view the status of a document in your "My documents" overview. To prevent having to go to this overview you can receive additional notifications by email or with Slack. To set this up go to: Your Account. For more information visit: Notifications with SignRequest.

How can I create templates?

We are working on adding the possibility to create and save templates in the "prepare" window. We do however already have the option to create templates using tags. For more information visit: SignRequest Templates.

Integrations & API

Do you have integrations with existing software systems?

Yes, we have integrations with Salesforce, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Slack and more. For a complete overview visit: SignRequest Integrations.

SignRequest does not offer an integration with the software system I use. What can I do?

You can ask your developers to integrate our API with your system or request us to make the integration. We're constantly in development and might almost have what you're looking for. If not, we develop our service based on the requests we receive from our users. So get in touch and we'll see what we can do (together).

Where can I find more information about your API?

You can easily start testing with our API. Just register, create a team and in the team account generate an API token. For more information visit: SignRequest API docs.

How does your API differ from competitors?

Many developers have commented that our API was much easier to use than that of competitors. Which results in significantly less time to implement. In addition, we have a specific Integration-Partner API for companies that offer there software to many customers. It makes it very easy to create and manage many team accounts. For more information visit: SignRequest API docs.